What is Owlcab?

OWLCAB is the brainchild of local video game hobbyist and general wunderkind, Casey Sillito.  OWLCAB stands for One-hundred-percent Wonderful Lethbridge Community Arcade Box. It is an arcade machine showcasing the work of local videogame developers and artists located in the Owl. If you are interested in helping make games for the OWLCAB, join Lethbridge Digerati's Facebook group by clicking here or email theowlcab@gmail.com.  In the meantime, keep up to date with OWLCAB happenings and new games by liking the Facebook Page (here) and following OWLCAB on Twitter (here).  


We have a bevy of tasty cocktails including B!aminade.  Gnome what I'm sayin'?

Southern Quinoa Salad, one of many vegan and vegetarian options.