Frequently Asked Questions...

Q:  When does The Owl do music?

A:  Shows are primarily on Friday and Saturday nights, although some exceptions may be possible.  Let's talk about it...  Closed on Sundays because people around here are worried about hell being a real thing...

Q:  How far ahead do you book?

A:  Generally 2-4 months out.  But send us dates and we can see if anything works.  Booking further ahead is always welcome (and more dates are likely available).  Key point, send specific dates; preferably in your first email along with everything else (links, etc).  As much as I like dancing, I don't want to dance to Inagaddadavida, if you catch my drift.  You aren't my only dance partner.

Q:  I haven't received a reply right away, does Steve (the booker) not like me?  Do I smell?  Does my band suck?

A:  Steve is not just the booker.  Steve does many things at the Owl that require his attention.  While you may smell and your band might suck, Steve will always do his best to send you a reply regardless.  Sometimes it just takes Steve a while.  Sometimes Steve has so many things on his plate that Steve begins to talk in the third person.  Steve is getting upset!

Q:  Do you provide a sound person and sound equipment?

A:  Yes, we do.  16 channel board, 3 monitors, 2 excellent PA speakers, Bass bin, and all the fixins. Not to mention, the palest sound guy this side of wherever albinos originate.  

Q:  My band plays primarily note for note cover tunes, is this the place for my band?

A:  As mentioned elsewhere on this website, a big part of the Owl is about people expressing their art and that means not performing someone else's.  Cover bands have a place but unfortunately it isn't here.  The odd show with a theme is ok but covers isn't what we are going for here.  If someone were to do reproductions of Norman Rockwell paintings, I wouldn't be clamouring to hang them on my wall... 

Q:  What is your capacity?

A:  Physical capacity is 97.  Mental capacity depends on the day and how many emails I receive.  Capacity is slightly increased in the summer month when our patio is open.

Q:  Will I be attacked by packs of wild roaming dogs outside the Owl?

A:  Probably not?

Q:  I have a massive ego, are your doors large enough for my head to fit through them?

A:  Go away.