The Dudes are coming!

Friday the 13th of April, 2018!  

Special Ticketed Event 

The Dudes!

with Biloxi Parish!

20 dollars tickets available at Owl or Blueprint Records!


Ahh, nawwww! YOU'RE the best!

Good news everyone!

You voted us Best of the Best for Live Entertainment in Lethbridge!  That was nice of you!  Thank you!  We think you are pretty cool too!

We're Hiring!

We need a new server as we recently lost one to a pack of wild dogs (possibly wolves but not confirmed) 

Potential applicants should... 

-Bring in a resume in person for Steve or Mel. 
-Bring us candy (NOT MEAT! DO NOT CARRY RAW MEAT DUE TO UNCONFIRMED REPORTS OF WILD DOGS WITH THE TASTE FOR HUMAN BLOOD STILL IN THE AREA). I'm pretty sure they hate candy though. It's really your only chance. 
-Have ProServe certification. The pack of cunning and wily hounds won't care, but AGLC sure does. 
-Be quick on your feet. It'll most likely come in handy (hint: Bow wow). 
-Have a sharp mind. You might be able to outsmart one dog but when they triangulate your position and pen you in, you may have to get creative. I'm again referring to the downright dastardly hell beasts that could ALLEGEDLY still be in the vicinity. 
-Maybe wear a scarf. You know, protect your neck. From the dogs. They might see your exposed neck and view it as a fleshy weak point, keying on that area if they choose you as prey. This is, course if they are still hungry... And are still close by... Allegedly. 
-Be fearless. These ferocious creatures are SUPER aware of fear, apparently. 
-Don't get cute or sassy with these pups. They no longer respond to domesticated "canine commands". We're far past that point people. The only thing they will "fetch" are your bones. 
-Again, I'm pretty sure they are repulsed by candy, so better bring some and if you want us to still be around, you ought to leave the candy here. They'll still smell it on you after you leave. Probably? 

Bring resumes IN PERSON so we know you're tough enough mentally and physically for the job. 

411 3rd Ave South, Lethbridge.

It's the end of the world as we know it?

We WILL be showing the US Election Results tonight! Starting at 6 until the world(or election) ends... Drink specials are contingent on the results:
-If Hillary wins... 3.25 Jack Daniels and 3.25 Vodka
-If Trump wins... 2.75 Black Velvet Rye and 3.25 Harvey Wall Bangers
-If a militia takes over the White House... 3.00 Pints of everything
-If Russia invades... 2.75 Stoli cocktails
-If Jesus returns... Half price bottles of wine
-If mass riots occur... 3.25 Kraken spiced rum
-If terrorists attack... 2.75 Gin
-If Anonymous "shuts it all down"... 3.25 Brewsters pints
-If one of the candidates reveals themselves to be the Anti-Christ... Half price bottles of wine
-If one of the candidates reveals themselves to be a bear in a human costume... 3.25 Scotch
-If Ronald Reagan climbs out of his grave and slaps the microphone out of the face of a candidate and promptly returns to his eternal slumber... 2.75 Martinis
-If Aliens decide attempt to make first contact... 3.25 Long Island Ice Teas
-If Barack Obama, at any point of the night, walks onto a stage holding both middle fingers in the air, proclaiming "Fuck all y'all, I'm out"... Good for him, they never deserved him
-If Trump pulls off his face revealing himself to be Vince McMahon and proclaims "It was me Austin! It was me all along!"... 2.75 Budweisers
-If the entire campaign is revealed to be an elaborate reality show by Fox... 4.00 Old Fashioned
-If Bill Clinton rides a white horse with Ivanka Trump at some point of the evening (HAS TO BE TELEVISED)... 2.75 Cap'n Morgan
-If a candidate is assassinated... That would be horrible, why would you say such a thing and 2.75 Patron
-If locusts ravage all the agriculture fields in the USA... Half price appys
-If Mickey Mouse wins as a write-in candidate... The US will be run by giant corporations. That could never happen but if it did, 2.75 Crown Royal
-If Bernie Sanders... Nahhhhh
-If nothing changes... You'll know you're free?

October 7th! Mayhemingways! Tin and the Toad!

Superfriends unite! I'm way too excited for this show.  We've had the Mayhemingways a few times (usually on sparse Mondays) and they melt my bitter cold void where a heart medically should be each time.  Tin and the Toad, we've never had but I've made it to a good amount of their local show at the Slice and their first album (Roots to Ramble On) is on regular rotation in my record player at home, plus I've had the pleasure of many late night whiskey fueled jams with them in the REDACTED.  Both groups are phenomenal and when they are amazing and fun people to boot, welp, it's going to be a hell of great night I figure.  You're invited!

Goodwood Atoms! September 22nd!

Never had these folks here before but I am digging what I have listened to thus far.  I am digging it so much that I am dusting off terms such as "digging" to describe it...  Check their website and maybe you, I, and the Macho Man Randy Savage can "dig it" together on the 22nd of September

Look! A blog! The future is a decade ago!

Look here for random stuff.  Probably mostly about upcoming shows and what not.    Maybe I'll go high school and start posting sad emo poetry here.  I hope it never comes to that but you will have to stayed tuned to find out?  A lot will be testing to see how this works in the early going.  Here. We. GO!